IAC Acoustics - industrial acoustics design and construction

Welcome to IAC Acoustics

IAC Acoustics (Australia) Pty Ltd is an industrial acoustics company. We provide total custom made solutions from the primary stage of design to the final stage of site installation. 

IAC Acoustics can help you with any acoustic project. From specialist anechoic chambers, through to architecturally finished acoustic doors. From diesel generator installations through to haul truck attenuation.  

Power and Energy

IAC Acoustics can design, fabricate and install diesel generator plant, including IAC-Kat Exhaust Purifiers and Engine Exhaust Silencers.

Acoustic Doors and Windows

IAC Acoustics is a world leader in the manufacturing and installation of high performance Acoustic Doors and Windows.

Commercial Construction

IAC Acoustics have a strong presence in the Building and Noise Control industry, operating for over 30 years. Our Acoustic Louvres have been successfully fitted in many commercial and industrial projects nationally. 

Sound Proof Rooms

IAC Acoustics is a leading provider of Audiology Rooms and Audiology Booths for medical research and Audiology testing.

Transportation and Mining

IAC Acoustics provide varied services for transport and mining applications. We offer wholistic solutions through the the use of acoustic modelling to achieve acoustic targets.

Test Facilities

IAC Accoustics design, fabricate and install Fully Anechoic and Hemi Anechoic Chambers  for testing and analysis of a variety of situations including Pass-by Chambers.



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